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Selling my 1995 Civic DX Coupe. Black/black, 150k miles, automatic. Two month ago received a new head gasket, timing belt/water pump and all the seals. Engine runs great. Front brake pads were installed two weeks ago. A year ago the front suspension was replaced including lower control arms, upper control arms, ball joints, and steering rods. New rack and pinion was installed two years ago. New axles (from were installed two years ago. These are made to exceed factory specs, and last much longer than original axles. New front brake rotors were isntalled two years ago. Battery is about 6 month old with 5 year warranty. New distributor, spark plugs and wires were put in 2 years ago. Oxygen sensor replaced 1 year ago. New radiator was put in 2 years ago.

Modifications include:
Corbeau black racing seats
Koni red adjustable shocks (isntalled 4 years ago)
Integra type R springs (3/4" drop)
Integra type R rear sway bar (installed 4 years ago, along with new rear control arms and rear trailing arms)
Civic SI front sway bar
Front upper strut bar
Konig Rated R 15" rims
195/50/15 Tires, Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3, 70% thread left
Alpine CD/MP3 player
Infiniti component speakers in the front
Infiniti 6-1/2 speakers in the rear
Infiniti basslink subwoofer
Alpine amp

What it needs:

Battery light has been blinking lately, but the car starts and runs perfect. The alternator is probably on its way out, but I am including a brand new 135amp alternator with the car. The original alternator is only 65 or 70 amp, the 135amp will last forever and provide more juice to the components. It's not a difficult DIY to put the alternator in, and a repair shop will put in for around 50-70 bucks.

Body is not in a great shape, has a few minor dents, but not something that requires repair or interferes with anything. Overall the body is very solid, no rust, nothing is loose, some prep and a cheap maaco paint job will make the car look very decent.

That it! Other than that the car runs great, the AC is ice cold, tranny shifts well, engine has decent power. Great car for a daily driver, good base for modifications. Handles great, fun to take around curves. Light on gas.

I'll miss it, but I've just purchased a Lexus LS, so I'm moving on to bigger and better things.

Call me at 917-559-5833 or e-mail at [email protected]
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