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I am selling my car and getting a Lexus :hmm:

1997 Base Auto
~105k Miles

SH Wheels w/ New tires
OEM Front Lip Spoiler
AEM Tru-power pulleys
Koni Yellow Shocks.
OEM Spoiler
SH underbody trims
Formula ONE tint

Timing belt and water pump, etc was done at Honda dealer about 20k/1.5yrs ago. Clean title. KBB Private value: $8000, trade-in $6300

Tranny was repaired about a year ago, but it slip a LITTLE when it's cold, but shifts perfect when it's warm.

Mobil 1 Synthetic oil every 3500~4500 miles.

VTEC still strong, no problem with engine, ZERO leaks...

Please post questions or email: [email protected]
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