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Prelude parts from a 92 Si...

Body parts good: front fenders and hood
Body parts bad: everything else

What I have already gotten rid of/ don't have:

int lights/ door switches
pass. side int. door trim and power locks and windows switches
A/C controls
ABS sensor on Pass. rear
Pads and calipers
Some other stuff I'm forgetting...

Need a random part? Let me know!

FAQ Answers:
It's an automatic
Exterior color is black(paint code 503?)
Interior is black/blue
Steel wheels, 14 in. front wheels are pretty bald on the outsides(have an extra set of 14 in rims w/o tires, too)
I'm planning on keeping the engine, unless you make a very good offer(400+) and pick it up

I'm not looking for any specific prices, just trying to get rid of this stuff, and can't bring myself to throw anything away(pack rat)
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