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I am parting out my car. I am trading in my Accord for a Subaru. So I have some parts for sale. All these parts are for a 2000 Honda Accord LX, 4cyl. Sedan. Local buyers only and cash only (Silver Spring, Maryland area)

Parts For Sale:
- Used Tein SS Coilovers ($700)
- Used Red/Clear Tailights (For the red/clears, you'll need some washers to make it fit right. I think all Red/Clears don't fit right since their aftermarket ones. But I've made some homemade cardboard with bottle caps to make it fit right. That'll be included. If you want, you can always go to Home Depot and get some washers and make them nicer, but the way I see it was that no one will see the inside of your tails... so I just used cardboard and bottle caps, since I was lazy to drive to Home Depot lol. But for the Red/Clears (around $75)
- Used Neuspeed Upper Chrome Strut Bar ($75)
- Used DC Sports SS Header (SOLD)
- Used Apexi World Sport Catback ($275)
- Used Four 18" Hyper X GT7 rims w/tires. (the only bad thing is that 2 rims are cracked. But you can always repair it, but I'm not sure how much it'll cost to repair it.) ($350-400)
- Xenon Bodykit (Brand New & Painted Naples Gold) ($550)

Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]
or AIM me at H3av3nz Angel 4U
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