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Well this car was my dad's car.

Year: 1988 MX-6 GT.
Mileage: Car has about 185k (i will need to double check actual mileage).
Color: white
Trans: Auto
Interior color: Blue

Front suspension (electronically adjustable) just changed at about 130k miles. The timing belt, water pump, acc. belts was changed at about ~90k; Had a full tune-up (sparks, distro cap, rotor...) at the same time. Car has great mount of tread on tires now. Exhaust manifold gasket was replaced at about ~110K and the turbo was in EXCELLENT condition when the gasket was replaced. Car was running pretty well.

Car now overheats after about 10 mins. Had a mechanic tell me that it needs a new headgasket. It also has a leak in the power steering system. You can add in fluid and the fluid will disappear in about 10 days or so (I have also kept adding the fluid as my mechanic couldn't seem to pinponit the exact leakage so the system would be kept well lubricated). Car also has a small brake fluid leak. Mechanic said it was probably the master cylinder since none of the lines were leaking when he inspected.
Couple dents on the car. Car did have a CEL on; well not literally since the bulb wasn't even working. Didn't find out there was a CEL on until AFTER the car failed smog from a non-working cat. The bulb was blown so it was taken out.

KBB: ~$1200
this is the value for a "fair" condition car.

I am trying to let this go for $700 OBO.

COME PICK it UP soon and I just might not refuse any offfers!!

email me with offers or questions: [email protected]

* I forgot to mention that I think the exhaust gasket is leaking again because it has the same symptons as before when I had to change (loud exhaust noise from the same place). It might be cause the manifold would seem pretty hot at times but it still runs great aside from the problem.s


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