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89 hatch it has a LS swap sitting in there(swap needs finsihed to run)

id like to sell as is as i dont have the time right now to finish, if it does't sell soon i may finish it and sell it later for more. Right now i thought id have the time to finish it but i dont, i need the space.

The car has a ton of parts in the back from Axles to wire harnesses to ecu, i have't really spent much time on it. Anyone is free to come look it over for themselves in columbus,ohio. I do not know exactly what the car needs to be finished and running.

The hatch does have some rust but not too bad, some dents...its like a 17 yr old car(no show car here) has new tires on steelies and SI seats in nice condition, and it has a CRX dash!!!

WAS Looking for $1000 OBO just shoot me some resonable offers and we can work on it

i need $900 pretty FIRM for this, mayeb u want teh ls swap for $500 and u know someone wants the shell with the crx dash and si seats for $400?

email or im for pics [email protected] Located in columbus, ohio
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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