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Clean title, just smogged!!!


The swap was done in January. The motor now has 2,000 miles on it and it's running strong. It was a very thorough swap and every piece of maintenence was taken care of at this time also.

2000 JDM B20B block (9.6 compression)
2000 GSR head
CTR intake cam/ITR exhaust cam
Golden Eagle LS/VTEC kit
All OEM honda belts/gaskets/pumps/hoses
Type R clutch
B16 tranny
ARP Head studs
RS*R EX Mag exhaust
Chipped P28 ECU
Factory A/C, P/S and cruise control still in place
Type R radiator

Comptech Type R lip
15" Speedmaster rims with 205/50 Falken Azenis
98+ tail lights

Buddy club racing spec coilovers (Worth $1500 on their own!!)

I just hit 140,000 miles on this car, and as stated earlier the engine is practically brand new. The car is driven to work and back and that's about it, but of course I occasionally hit VTEC for the hell of it :p I'll have more pictures of the car itself soon.

The price is $6500, no trades!!

This is an older picture of the car, the only thing that has changed is that it's a new lip now that's unpainted.

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