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I'm selling my 98 civic hatchback, because i'm only 18 and have trouble affording the insurance. I'm paying about 225 a month, and would like to get an older hatchback, and swap the engine. I only have a few pictuers of the car but if anyone really expreses interest I can take more. The car has...
- Speed Design Silver Custom Vinyl
- 17'' Silver Konig Verdicts
- AEM Cold Air Intake
- Whislter Racing Seires radar detector
- Silver momo shift knob
- Indiglo gauges
- Universal Muffler
- Sony Xplod head Unit
- Cleared Out Headlights
- Side Markers
- Kill Switch
- Sunpro Tachometer
- 20% Johnson Window Tint
- Short Shifter
- Arospeed Coilovers

Extra Parts i have for the car that will also come along with it are:
- timing belt (this hasn't been done yet car has 89k)
- water pump
- front drivers side wheel well
- Altezza taillights
- cam seal
- front main seal
- stock springs
- stock airbox
- stock rims and tires

The car has 89k miles on it, i bought the car with 62k miles on it. The oil was changed regularly rougly every 3000 miles. When i bought the car i started changing the oil myself, and switched to synthetic. I have receipts for all maintenance done to the car up until i bought it. The owner before me was a family friend, a women in her 40's who drove the car 30 miles on the highway to work. You can see pictures of the car at .
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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