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98 GST
Mileage: 130k
Interior: Grey leather, dash and everything looks great. No holes or anything in
the seats just normal wear. Two 10' old school Rockford Fosgates with
a 200 watt amp, Pioneer Deh-7300. Also have all of the XM radio stuff
hooked up just need to call in and get it turned back on.

Exterior: Hood is a little faded, with few chips from lots of interstate driving, Their
is a dent on the the roof on the passengar side, nothing major. If
interested i can get more detailed pics of it, just let me know.

Engine: Yes i know, 130k is alot of miles. timing belt was last changed at 110k
along with a runover over everything. Just replaced starter and
thermostat a couple weeks ago. Did a compression test a month ago and it read 180 across the board, according to Mitsubishi that is perfect... It runs smooth as ever and idles great, Bone stock except for Weapon R air filter.

Email: [email protected]
Location: Dalton, Ga.

Price: 6,000$

The car is now on the silver wheels... the pics with chrome wheels were taken less than 2 months ago, and the pics with the silver wheels are maybe a month old...

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