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Name: Brent
Location: Sioux Falls, SD
Means of Contact: PM

Hi all,

Up for sale is a pair of headlights from a 2000 Civic SI. We retrofit a pair of OEM HID Bi-Xenon Hella projectors. Essentially means, you'll still have both high and low beams in your civic. Anyone who has driven a car equipped with OEM HID's knows that there is no comparison to HID "Kits" or Halogen bulbs.

I also have a set of OEM S2000 HID ballasts. Plus, I also have an almost new set of Osram D2S HID Bulbs as well. Not to mention, I do have an upgraded wiring harness too!

Both headlights:

Back of housing:

Hella Bi-Xenon Low-beam output (Not my picture, but a good representation of what these look like):

Hellal Bi-Xenon High-beam output (Not my picture)


Wiring Harness:

OEM S2000 Ballasts

I'm open to selling everything together, or just piecing it out and I'll break it down here. All prices DO NOT include shipping/paypal:

Headlights/projectors, Ballasts, Bulbs and Wiring Harness: $700.00

Headlights/projectors, Ballasts and Bulbs: $680.00

Headlights/projectors and Ballasts $620.00

Headlights/projectors: $540.00

Ballasts: $100.00

Bulbs $75.00

The only thing wrong that I can see by looking at them, is one of the lenses is starting to haze. Either a wetsand or buff will take care of this and I could probably do it myself if it's a concern for the potential buyer.

The headlights would look even nicer painted all black. It is simple to take the lenses off and paint them how you choose, thus we left the stock chrome finish untouched, so the potential buyer can paint it how they choose.

I'm located in Sioux Falls, SD.
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