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FS: ALT X-Phile 17x7

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I have these rims i wanna get rid of to get diff ones.. Used about 6-8mos.. These weigh in at just 20.5lbs (not bad for a 17).. have universal 4 lug pattern.. Paid $1400 for these new.. Just put on brand new tires Falken Ziex 205/40ZR17.. Asking $900 obo.. Located in SoCal, no shipping
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JUST 20 pounds? Thats sounds like a fuggin grip to me. I would shell out the extra 300-400 bones and get a lightweight 17. Actually, i wouldn't even get a 17. The CP-035 is a nice 15 inch rim thats weighs in @ a left 7.5 pds, and the glorious spoons...we all know about that. Dah wellz, if you're going for show, have fun
sorry bout that, i thought you were going to BUY those rims. I totally didn't read your post
well 20lbs isn't bad for a 17" rim thats not supposed to be lightweight.. even "lightweight" 17" weigh aroud 15-17lbs.. so not bad compared to most that weigh 25+lbs.. and yes, i'm tryin to sell them to get lightweight 16's.. i got enough power to spin them no matter what the weight.

193whp all motor.. thanks
damn you have a lot all motor...wats yer setup?
JDM B18C.. stock block, diff cams, not much else
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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