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Bought this but can no longer use it since my car has been totaled over the weekend. Very simple hookup for a fairly good gain.
On average many cars have shown up to a 9whp gain on a dyno and on top of that this unit looks smashing under the hood, sitting in the engine bay. It has a cool but very bright blue LED in there and friends always asked about this and wanted one afterwards. This unit also has what is called "Muffler earth" which means it has an extra ground wire to hook to the exhaust piping. What this does is remove ANY electrical buildup "static" that may be wound up in the piping and in turn this can smooth out the exhaust pulse which will undoubtedly give a gain.
Retail is about $250+ so this one is pretty reasonably priced and is brand new, never used. $175 picked up or $185 shipped
I have paypal and am verified, located in huntington beach

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