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FS: Apex`i VAFC2 & RSM /w Optional G Senso

email: [email protected]
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Prices at bottom

For Sale:

White stuff is lint from baby wipe

Apex`i RSM - G sensor included!!! monitors and measures engine and cars performance as well as other vitals. With use of the included g sensor($80) all the functions of the RSM is ready to be used. Main benefit of this item was calculated real time horsepower figures, and next would be the measurement of g's, and also calculated loss horsepower feature.

Apex`i VAFC2 - Immaculate condition. Not much to say bout this item other then its advantages over the original VAFC. Easier adjustments, password protected SETTINGS feature for those of you who takes ur car to have it serviced alot, u dont have to worry if they've been messing wit ur sh*t.

Apex`i RSM & Optional G Sensor incl. - $220 shipped obo
Apex`i VAFC2 - $250 shipped obo

Both items work perfectly and in great condition, if needed i can include stands, does not include instructions because i simply dont have it but apex website has downloadable which to me is better because its 8.5x11 instead of a little booklet. No wires on harness is cut and includes harness that goes to ecu.
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