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FS: Brand New Jackson Racing Vtec Controller

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Take control of your VTEC actuation with Jackson Racing VPAC. This unique amplifier comes with an adjustable dial that allows VTEC engagement from 2500 rpm to 6000 rpm. Jackson Racing has developed the VPAC to allow the consumer to control when the VTEC system is activated for different racing applications. The VPAC uses signals from all of the important VTEC supply inputs and amplifies these signals to change the engagement point of the VTEC system. This means no guessing on how much extra fuel you will need. This controller accesses the VTEC fuel map on the ECU for continued proper fuel delivery once VTEC is engaged.

Brand new - $175 shipped
Brand new price is $259.00 + shipping: Modacar Price

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still have the controller? i have to do some lookin but if you still have it i will prolly take it.
yes i do. brand new. almost a hundred less than the cheapest price you can find.

pm me if you are really interested. i will provide personal contact info for further dealing.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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