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FS: Brand New MSD SCI Ignition System

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I am selling a BRAND NEW MSD SCI Ignition. It has never been installed and it comes with everything needed for installation. The ignition system includes wires and connectors, instructions for installation, warranty card, carb sticker, and mounts. It will work on any car with a distributor. The part number is PN6300. If you interested in the MSD SCI or have questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]. This unit retails for about $200+ but I will sell for $160. Buyer pays shipping. I can do local pick up if you are located in Los Angeles. Email me if you want to see pictures.
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Does this one have a rev limit control?

[email protected]
No it does not have a rev limit control
The ignition system is still up for grabs if anyone is interested.
i think the price is kinda steep mang, id say more around 130-140
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