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Part #RSR-12H121 It should fit any civics from 92-00, i know it fits 96-00 for sure you'll hav eto check if it fits 92-95. I'm taking offers but these exhausts are usually about 500bucks brand new then about 50 or so for shipping. I'm looking to get around $520shipped. I'm taking offers so it's going to the highest bidder. If you want shipping insurance i can add that on for about $5 bucks. I've been scammed before so i'll give you my life to prove that i am not a scammer. I've dealt with people before but i dont keep track of any of that kind of stuff. If your interested email me at [email protected] or IM me online at alomar2b. If your really interested then i'll send ya my phone # and we can talk. Thanks alot for reading.

This is a brand new ex-mag in the original box never opened. This is getting delievered to my house in the next week or so. If anyone is interested i can have it shipped out as soon as I get it in. I'm switching to a custom setup for a FI application. If anyone is interested let me know I can get pictures as soon as it comes in. :thumbup:

I'm located in Toledo, Ohio so if you want to pick up knock a section off of that price. ;)
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