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I recently came into posession of a slightly built D16Z6 motor and transmission. This motor has quite a back ground over the last several years, so thats why this first post will be so long.

I bought this motor from Don Bowers. You probably won't know his name, but you might have heard of his son, Donny. A few years ago, the Bowers' were winning car shows all across the country, then Donny passed on and his Dad closed their shop and stopped his involvement in the whole import scene. Everything from here down, is what I have been told and shown about the motor.

The engine, D16Z6 is out of a 1993 Honda Civic Si. A Comp cam (#59100) was installed, with Comp titanium retainers (#753-16), Comp valve springs (#912-16), and new valve guides, and valves. The head also got the usual 3-angle valve job, and port and polish. ARP studs replaced the stock bolts, and all new gaskets were installed when the head was put back on. An OEM D16Y8 head gasket was used as well. The bottom end remains stock, and has just over 115k on it. All the work was done with no corners cut, the Bowers' are good friends with Kenny Tran himself, of Jotech in Texas. The transmission is free of grinds as well. Stock clutch and flywheel. This car was used as a daily driver, not a race car. The motor runs well, with no oil consumption, and good compression all across the cylinders. The only reason this motor was pulled and not completely built, is a B18C1, built top-to-bottom, in hopes of 800fwhp.

This is an absolutely complete swap, minus three things. #1 is the MAP sensor, I broke the one on my D15B7 trying to fix a vacuum leak, so I robbed the one from this motor. #2 is the P28 ECU, which I might be willing to sell for the right price. #3 is the exhaust manifold, which you really don't want anyways. The motor is very clean in appearance as well, no oil anywhere. I will post pictures before it is sold. If you've seen a clean D16Z6, then you know what it looks like...

I may keep this motor, but I'm really wanting to go B18B/B20B, so if I get a decent offer, I will sell it...
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