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I've got a bunch of stuff I'm selling that is NEW and hasn't been installed on my 99 Accord EX sedan. Stuff can be viewed on my web site: .

Clutch Masters Lightened Flywheel:
- 8.1 lbs
- Fits 98-99 Accord w/ F23A engine
- All instructions and hardware included that comes with the product from Clutch Masters.
- NOT an imitation - has Clutch Masters logo cast into the flywheel to ensure authenticity.

Other stuff includes:

Razo Pedal kit for MT car - model RM 35, magnesium/aluminum (Brand NEW, never used)

Hose Techniques Silicone Vacuum Hose dress up kit (Universal Starter Kit). 5 ft of 4mm hose was used (10 ft still in kit), other sizes untouched. Kit comes complete with instructions, tools, tie wraps - everything from retail box! Even the Hose Techniques hard candy they included! Color is "SuperYellow".

I've also got other stuff that I haven't gotten around to listing yet. Email me @ [email protected] if you're interested:

DC Sports DAC intake for 98-99 Accord F23A sedan (used 8 mos.)
Vibrant Axle-back exhaust for 98-99 Accord F23A sedan (used 6 mos.)

G-Tech Performance Meter (never used!)

Borbet Type C wheels - 16", 4x114.3, 40+mm (used but show condition!)

JET ECU reprogramming kit - Consists of documentation and mailer box for ECU reprogramming to be done at JET's location. They mail it back to you in 24hrs.

Kaminari body kit for 99 Accord sedan. Albany NY location - not sure if I can ship this yet or not, check for details on my web site.

Check my website -
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