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I have a few things left over from my CRX project that I was curious to see if anyone would want. All prices DO NOT include shipping. Give me your zip code via PM so I can calculate a shipping cost for you. Prefer money via Paypal, or Mail me a money order. PM for more details on that.

1991 CRX HF Flywheel and pressure plate, surface rust, but still in good shape otherwise. I do have the clutch disk that went with them too if you want? But it looks somewhat worn. $20

D series PS bracket thingy. Still has paint on it, not a rusty pile! $8

91 HF D series starter. Not sure if it works? Still engages and rotates well. If anyone re-builds starters, this may be your part? Still may work? I just never tried it. $10

88 Si PM6 ECU. Works great, good condition. $30

Post or PM me if you want anything or have questions.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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