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FS: Custom Sub Install

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OK im selling my custom box for two 10" Alpine type R subs. The subs can handle 1000 watts peak and around 350 RMS. The box it is in is a bandpass box thats made to be ported through the rear deck of the car. The port comes out just in front of the 3rd brake light on the rear deck. This allows all the sound of the subs to go into the cabin of the car rather than shake the trunk and have to pass through the trunk to get into the car as in a sealed box. The box sounds really good, its tight and has very little distortion. I hit a low 130 Db right after we installed it. The box itself is made out of formica (which is basically MDF with a laminate to make it look good). Two sides have plexi. The trunk side has a clear plexi and the cabin side (when you put the seats down) has a one way its a mirror when looking through the trunk and clear when looking through the back seat. The subs fire downward and there is a mirror on the bottom as well. There are four custom made tubes of neon. 2 white ones on the bottom of the box and 2 red over the magnets of the subs. There are trim panels on both sides with Katskin red leather. As well there is a trim panel in the trunk that makes the box look like its smooth into the trunk. Also there is a false floor that has a raised alpine logo thats a door allowing you to get to distribution blocks and fuses that were put in the spare tire well. In the pictures it shows the whole system, however only the box, subs and all the trim panels are for sale. This system was in a 98 accord coupe. So it will fit perfectly into and 6th gen coupe and im pretty sure it will fit into sedans as well. This instal has won 2 "best system" awards at shows and was the main part of my car when i won "best honda-stock conservative" at a show. The install cost me $2000 not including amps subs and everything. And it was worth every penny. Im only asking $800 for this set up. My audio shop is building me a new box for free as long as i buy the subs and thats what im using the money for. If it wasnt for this i wouldnt be selling it. If you live in FL ill meet you half way and ill be willing to drive to the state line to meet anyone from out of state. Shipping would be really high, but ill be willing to do it if you want to pay for it. AIM me at Nikerey or E-mail at [email protected]....i know this was long but it takes alot to explain this systempic 1
pic 2
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OK new price, $ ill deliver in FL
cord2oo1 said:
got any pics of it in the car?

[email protected]
Ya he included them.....look again
That girl in Pic 12 is pretty hott...Is that your g/f

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