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Stuff for Sale.. left over from two engine swaps

Del Sol 'S' Springs 50$
d16z6 vtec 'noid 15$
d16z6 head (needs valve job) 120$(will ebay soon)
d16y8 vtec valve Cover 40$ (will ebay soon)
d16y8 exhaust manifold ( possibe custom turbo) 20$
d16y8 exhaust shroud 9$
d16z6 dizzy, modded for use with MSD 20$
d16z6 fuel rail 15$
d15b7 block(130k no problems) 200$
d15b7 head(130k no problems) 100$ (will ebay soon)
d15b7 intake manifold/ throttle body 60$ (will ebay soon)
d15b7 injectors 20$
d15b7 fuel regulator 10$
d16z6 fuel regulator 10$
d16z6 cut harness (good for DP to MPI) 20$

Need Sensors? Hit me up cause I got them

email me at [email protected] for info/buying

1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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