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Stuff for Sale.. left over from two engine sohc swaps. d16, d16z6, d15b7,d16y8 parts. Vtec and nonvtec engines.

2001 Nissan Sentra GXE stock muffler (10k miles on it)
D16z6 stock cam gear 20$ (good for going back stock)
Del Sol side reflector 6$
Del Sol 'S' Springs 50$
d16z6 head (needs valve job & cam gear) 60$(will ebay soon)
d16y8 vtec valve Cover 40$ (will ebay soon)
d16y8 exhaust manifold ( possibe custom turbo) 20$
d16y8 exhaust shroud 9$
d16z6 dizzy, modded for use with MSD 20$
d16z6 fuel rail 15$
d15b7 block(130k no problems) 200$
d15b7 head(130k no problems) 100$ (will ebay soon)
d15b7 intake manifold/ throttle body 60$ (will ebay soon)
d16z6 fuel regulator 10$
d16z6 cut harness (good for getting the injector connetions) 20$

Need Sensors? Hit me up cause I got them, No O sensors.

email me at [email protected] for info/buying

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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