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Accufab 90MM Mustang Flange Throttle body. Will come with brand NEW TPS and BRAND NEW IAC Block off plate/gasket. TB is BRAND NEW, was mounted up, that's it.. Asking 285 shipped, which is a steal.FIRM.
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Prototype H22 Cams I've designed for a shelf profile. Cams are ment to be a great upgrade for Stock block h22 setups or mildly built h22 setups. Specs are as followed:
.488 valve lift with 266 duration on intake
.475 vlave lift with 260 duration on exhaust - 600 shipped

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Email: [email protected]
Cell/txt - 225-384 1 Four Four 1

These cams were dyno tested, results are posted on Honda-tech, up to a 20+whp expected on just DROPPING in.
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