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I am located in Richmond, Indiana.

Here are some pics. The only imperfections on this car are on the body, which isn't all that bad. There are just some dings, and scratches. The bumpers could use some paint. Other than that, the car runs SOLID, and the interior is VERY nice as well. The car is also VERY clean. Just needs a little body work here and there and it would be fantastic. The body has about 197K on it right now, the rebuilt B17 has less than 5k. Motor was rebuilt by the previous owner who was a certified Honda Tech up near Chicago. I don't have reciepts for the parts, but I assure you it was done RIGHT. If you want additional info I can provide that as well. I have included pictures of the car's good attributes as well as its flaws. I like to be honest about what the car really is. I'm just wanting to see what is available out there. I'm REALLY wanting to trade for a clean CRX of any trim level. Anyone with anything else to offer please do so. I would also sell the car for $4K outright if anyone is just wanting to buy.

*Carbon Fiber hood
*Self made insulated intake
*Megan header
*Fidanza light flywheel
*New Exedy clutch less than 500 miles (grabs HARD)
*Custom yellow fogs
*Sony head unit w/ 4 aftermarket Pioneer speakers
*Type-R Intake Manifold
*All 4 motor mounts filled with polyeurethane (nice and stiff)
*Head milled down 0.020"
*DC Sports adjustable cam gears
*4 New Kuhmo tires
*NICE factory GSR rims
*Removed ABS and AC
*New front calipers and pads.
*ALL new fluids
*Ebay coilovers on stock shocks (lowered about 1")
*Power steering
*Full function Viper security system
*Power door locks
*Custom front bumper lip
*Probably some other stuff I forgot too....

*Usual Honda rust by rear wheels (has been stabilized)
*Some small dents and dings (not very noticeable)
*Front and rear bumper could use a repaint (not terrible, but it needs it)
*2 stone chips on the windshield (size of a pencil eraser, not bad)
*Passenger window is slow at times, needs a little TLC.
*Spoiler clear coat has oxidized some. Needs recleared.
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