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I bought this a while back used, and I never got around to installing it. Now I have moved and funds are kinda low so i would really just like to sell this or trade it, I'm open to whatever, just let me know.

It comes with a spare stock 06+ Civic SI intake tube drilled with the adapter for the nitrous nozzle. Also, it comes with a pre-modified full line(and some extra line) so you just have to pop your old one off and put this one on. I also have the Nitrous Express throttle position activation switch as well as a MSD window switch with pills for 6000 - 7800RPM. Comes with fuel pressure safety switch and nitrous pressure gauge. Also there is a bottle heater that is wired to a cigarette lighter plug, I don't see any brand markings on it any where.

I have nozzles for a 35 shot, 55 shot and a 75 shot.

Im asking $650 obo shipped for all this, I will always consider trades. I would love to sell or trade locally, but willing to ship. Im in Cincinnati. Im open on trades, just ask, but if its car parts, only stuff for 06+ Civic SI...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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