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i have both wings west racing style side skirts that are painted the prelude milano red.. it will come with the hangers, screws, red touch up paint, and this marine glue that the body shop recommended to use.
the skirts are perfectly fine and fit like stock.
the passenger side skirt has paint that's flaking on it from an accident and will probably need a repaint.. the driver side skirt is fine just some normal scratches..
if you have a prelude that's not red then you will have to paint them anyways.. but for you red preludes out there, you will only really need to paint the passenger side.. offer with confidence! these will fit and look very nice on your lude!!!

i just bought these red skirts from an awesome local seller but i found 2 black skirts that match my black lude that i dont have to paint

i'm looking for $250obo plus shipping

IM/PM AnclyT
or call 678 622 2695.. located in GA
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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