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Okay, I'm selling my old setup. I probably put about 14K miles on it, works great, no problems. This setup includes: Tokico struts, Eibach Ground Control height adjustable springs, two new sleeves, all new washers and hardware, some extra odds and ends. I'll also throw in these stickers that Ground Control sent me with the new sleeves and extra bolts.

Fits all preludes, 92 and up, base, SH whatever.

This setup is a great performance setup, and I highly recommend it. It was the setup I ran last autocross season and I won my class. I would prefer to sell the whole thing together, but if I get a lot of people interested in just the springs or just the shocks, I might be willing to do that.

The springs retail for over $300 per set, as do the struts. Please make reasonable offers. These parts are in great working order, and I even cleaned them up a little before boxing them up. You pay shipping, will come shipped in the boxes I received my new setup in.


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