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Up for sale my Turbo motor/trans setup.. The time has come to move on in life..

The setup consists of:

Fully Built GSR block w/ 84.5mm Benson sleeves
Assembled by the Late EARL LASKEY - Laskey Racing..
84.5mm CP pistons 9:1 comp
Eagle Rods w/ 3/8" bolts
84.5mm GE headgasket
Balanced and blue printed
Micropolished GSR crank
Plugged oil squirters
ACL bearings
JG edelbrock Victor X Intake Manifold w/ GSR TB.
Brand new steal Moroso Oil Pan.
Brand new Honda OEM timing belt
Brand new OEM Cam seals and cam cap
RC 750 injectors
AEM fpr
GM 3bar Map Sensor
Hondata Intake Manifold Heatshield Gasket w/ extended IM studs.
3/8" Moroso catch can Breather ports on back of block
GSR Head port matched Intake/Exhaust ports
REV dual valve springs and SS Retainers
Valve Cover is tapped for breather ports too.
RPS Max Series Clutch and PP
GSR Trans w/ Quaife LSD, professionally installed w/ newly pressed bearings
P28 ECU chipped w/ Hondata s300 and boost control.
Compressions is 210-215 across all 4 cylnders.

This is a serious setup geared for a 10-11 sec car in the right hands..

Looking to get $7,000 OBO for the whole drop in swap, which includes; Complete Engine, Trans, Axles, Linkage, all mounts, ECU, Hondata s300.. I've put about about $10 grand into this engine setup and that's not including any labor costs..

I may also throw an RLD ramhorn manifold w/ a 44mm WG flange too just to help it sell quicker..

Serious offers will be considered..

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if u still have it i would give u 4 grand casue thats alll i got.

where are u located?
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