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Currently the parts are still on my car, i need all my parts to be sold before i take them out of my car

I currently have

1 person interested in all
2 person interested in koni
2 person interested in the camber

yet i m waiting on the person interested on ALL or just 1 person on the springs and i will remove the items off my car and complete the sale

The items for sale are

H&R Sport Springs (used less than 8 months and will have 4 month warrenty)

asking for <200$

Koni Red Shocks (used less than 8 months and will have life time warrenty)

asking for <330$

Ingall Front camber kits (used less than 8 months and will have 4 month warrenty

asking for <120$

PM or email me @ iamgalenfung @ for more details.. i dont have pictures of the current products as they are in my car

but this is the picture of the drop.. it is a bit lower since my car is a v6

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