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Injen 3" short ram intake w/ new filter (less than 100 miles on filter): This will fit basically any D(with a side mounted throttle body) or B series motor (may fit H as well) . It just doesn't have the hole for the intake air temp sensor that I know for sure the 96-00 civics use. I used this intake on my 99 D16Y8.....I also used it on my 00 B18C1 swap....$25 shipped

Energy Suspension 1999-2000 Honda Civic Si Motor Mount Inserts
Black Urethane...This are the lower torque mount inserts. They are brand new...never used. I am using the rear mount insert that came in the kit, but decided to go with solid torque mounts instead of the ES torque mount inserts....$25 shipped.

All items are ready to ship. You can PM me or email at [email protected]
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