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Hi guys. I'm selling an Injen Short Ram Air Intake, polished for base model RSX with automatic transmission and heat shield. Asking for 175$. It is brand new in box, never opened or touched. I ordered one and then my wife surprised me and ordered the same one and now i'm stuck with two. I can provide with a picture if you like. I might be able to pay shipping. If interested, email me at [email protected]. The cheapest you can get this at is about $195 at adventon which is where i ordered it from.

Also selling a cam gear for a 96-00 honda civic ex, asking $50. Brand new, in box, never used. just looked at it. the car was stolen before i could ever have a chance to install it. I can provide picture if anyone is interested. Please email me at [email protected].


P.S. I'm in the NJ/NY area if anyone wants to pick up or meet halfway.
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