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I have a Jacobs I.C.E. Pak ignition for sale. Used for about 4 days and decided to go with Digital 6+. Everything works perfect. It really helps with gas mileage, believe me. I got about 36 miles to a gallon going to Chicago on my 92 Accord EX with a 3" exhaust and no cat!!!
The I.C.E. Pak kit includes The Jacobs Ice Pak energy pak and the Jacobs Ultra Torquer Coil and all the wiring and hardware needed to setup the ignition kit. It also includes the original instructions. Jacobs Electronics has developed this ignition system especially for newer Japanese import cars. It is based on a modified Pro-Street Ultra Team. Using an extremely high-speed digital microprocessor, the iCE-Pak creates up to 10 sparks for each combustion event throughout the first 11 degrees of total crank rotation (depending on engine speed). This higher spark amount over a shorter crank duration prevents arc-over; which is a common problem in smaller import car distributor caps with other high output ignition systems. The iCE-Pak is approved for use on emission controlled vehicles per CARB EO D-19-32. For competition or track use, the iCE-Pak can be wired directly to the OEM harness and the stock coil eliminated.


·Start retard, which reduces the initial ignition advance during the cranking/starting phase ONLY, but significantly increases the spark output until the engine starts and idles normally. This greatly decreases stress on the vehicle's starter and battery on stock motors and especially helps if the engine has high compression, cammed, supercharged, or modified.

·Acceleration Spark technology, whereby the spark output is increased to 550 volts when the microprocessor senses an accelerating engine condition. Throttle response is double or triple over a stock system as a result.

The iCE-Pak is fully compatible with Jacobs Electronics complete line of timing control, rev-limiters, and nitrous oxide control products. The iCE PAK is housed in a much smaller enclosure with NO LOSS in power output when compared to other Jacobs Electronics systems and drives an Ultra Torquer Coil. The combination has RPM abilities in excess of 20,000 RPM without any drop-off in performance! This unit will work on any car that has a distributor. It will not work on cars that have a distributorless ignition system. This unit retails for $434 direct from Jacobs Electronics.

This ignition is PERFECT for nitrous. I used it with my NOS wet kit, and it worked great.

For more info visit

I'm asking $200 shipped

Thanks for checking it out
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