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Hope exciv2000 doesn't mind a FS thread in the forum.

This is basically a copy of the post that I put over at I wanted to have people here be able to have a chance of getting it as well if it doesn't sell over there. But keep in mind that I've already posted the FS thread over at on Saturday so it has a bit more exposure already.

After long use of the blower on my car, I have decided to take it off and sell it and the car. First off, here’s the supercharger and parts that I’m going to sell. I want $3200 for the whole kit shipped.

If its too much of a price for anyone, you could scrap off the TE WBO2 kit w/sensor for $300 less, or $2900 shipped. You don't really need this as its more of an option for street tuning. It doesn't handicap the kit any and its still quite a deal IMO.

Keep in mind that my goal is to sell everything as a kit since it has been tuned to work together on the dyno. Therefore it would be more beneficial if it was bough together as a kit rather than separately.

Here are some conditions that I have made for the sale.

Condition 1) Whoever wants the whole kit will get first dibs. If anyone wants parts, all the parts must be spoken for or else I won’t part them separately. However I may change my mind about it at a later time if there is not enough interest in the whole kit.

Condition 2) If buying the whole kit, the JR Relay and JR FMU are not needed. If that is the case, then I’ll be willing to sell those two parts separately if the sale of the kit goes though and if anyone is interested afterwards.

But in the meantime, I’ll be making a list of all who is interested in the kit and in the parts separately. I just need a back up plan if something falls though.


Blower = $1700, everything pictured included in price up to the AEM EMS.

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Map sensor and Tee adaptor

2 sets of injector seals

Belts and brackets


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Comptech JRSC Intake = $100

Venom 440cc Injectors = $200

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Here are some things that I’ll be throwing in if it’s being bought as a kit. They will not be sold as parts because they are just not worth much. So it’s better as a gift included in the sale of the kit rather than selling them off separately.

JR Gloves size Large

NGK Plugs heat rating of 8

Ask questions if you have any.
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I will be willing to sell the blower itself for less, but the price includes blower, manifold, alternator, belts, pulleys, all mounting brakets, CARB EO sticker, Gauge Bezel w/ gauges, and all miscellanious parts. So the $1700 I'm asking for it is reasonable IMO.

If anyone doesn't want all that craop and decides to opt out on it, a reasonable offer for the blower itself won't be refused.

exciv2000, sold the GSR and so know I need money to pay off some loans. I won't be entirely out of the scene, just out of it at the moment. is Team Integra. I mod over there and am usually on so I'll you'll be able to contact me over there if yo like. I do check in on here to since I have the sale going on here.

BTW exciv2000, could yo please do a duplicate copy over in the classfieds too please. I would do it, but putting up these pictures up here is a pain in the butt already since you are only allowed so many pictures per post.
Which version is the WB o2?
v1? v1.5?
Its the 1.5v. I'm sorry, I just assumed I had picture shots of the unit in the massive amounts of pictures that I had up. I'll try to see if I can get some up by this weekend.
What does the WB o2 kit come with?
Go here for the kit. I also have the display as well as the NTK sensor in the price listed above.
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