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looking to sell my engine.
ls/vtec B18a block b16a head
91 ls block had 107000km it was honed and balanced
99 siR head had 25000km on it.
10000km on engine since converted

del sol tranny, exeddy clutch with 2000km(brand new), b16a pistons(pr3),shot peened rods, type r cams, spoon cam gears, titanium retainers and inner valve springs, generic ss header(dont know the brand sorry),aem power streering pulley, B&M fpr, aem cai. Just wanting to see what i might get for this setup. i will be selling this winter.Please no offers on anythings sepparte.


car has run 14.3 on 17" rims
WILL run sub 14 secs at mission. i will post times after ashcroft.
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