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Well, looks like i'm going to have to sell the car sooner than I had wanted, last Thursday the rear passenger side was taken out in a collision, the rear axle was bent into the unibody and the rear exterior is going to cost a lot more than I am willing to pay for a 10 year old car. Everything else is in good condition, if you want to count 177,000 miles good condition, but other than that, everything checks out okay. Car is not driveable because of the rear damage, but there are probably some of you that have the tools and the time to fix it yourself.

1995 Integra Special Ed. 2-Door Coupe Hatchback
B18B1 Automatic Transmission
Tenzo-R Full Cold Air Intake w/ DTM Filter (Make Offer)
Full GSR Interior (Factory on the SE, for those who don't know the SE, everything looks the same as the GSR aside from the engine.)
177,000 miles on motor
Brand New Transmission/New Radiator

Located in Columbus area, Ohio, willing to let go for really cheap, if you want to add fees for repair I will have the car repaired and you can have a driveable car.

Thanks For looking, make your best offer, not looking for a whole lot, after all, you'll probably have to tow it unless you've got a trailer.
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