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Well i Traded my bike for this car figuring that i would like to keep it but nope im a Honda freak and need to get back in one... So here it is Just a basic 240sx nothing really to amazing done to it but mostly just the basics
SR20DET red top
Blitz intercooler
HKS blow-off valve
RSR gtII full turbo back exhaust

Think thats it but for being the year and that it lived here in the midwest i really give it props for not being a rust bucket....
Paint on body i would give it like a 7 out of 10
Interior i would say around like a 6 to a 5 cause driver seat is torn from normal in and out and mostly common from what i hear....

If you need anything you can PM me here or AIM me on JDMDC231 or MSN me at [email protected]
Or if you are really interested you can call me at 608-397-9428
Thanks for viewing please kindly bump if you are this far into reading my post...

Ohh yeah for price i really dont know what to ask dont really know what the market value on these cars are with these add ons but first reasonable offer wont be denied... Also looking for cars to trade also so show me what you got to trade...
Ohh on the pipe where the BOV is it has been changed

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