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im plannin on selling my car and moving onto bigger and better things (WRX?? ). some history on the car. i bought this car from my friends friend back in march. he bought the car from an auction and fixed it right up. The car is in great condition.. other than the hood being a lil flat in color, the dash has a lil cut ( DAM AUTOLOCK!! ) and a crack on the front windshield. The car has over 150k miles on the body. My friend rebuilt the motor when he had it. Odometer reads at 87XXX when the motor was rebuilt. I bought the car when it had around 75~78k miles on it. I had to register and smog the car.

- 1994 Acura Integra GSR Black 2DR
- Black cloth interior
- 16" Rota Slips
- Ground Control coilovers
- B&M short shifter
- JDM DC 4-1
- Catco high flow cat
- Apex'i WS Catback
- ITR titanium shift knob
-98+ taillights

The only problem with the car is that it eats a lil oil. I took the car to the track and after.. I was like, WTF?? If you drive the car normally.. shift at 3000RPM.. the car will not eat oil. Also.. on ocassion, i've grinded a few times ( who doesn't ). This is my first manual tranny car.. my left foot is lazy and I dont press the clutch all the way down. Other than that.. this is a great running/looking car for a daily driver.

pictures can be seen @

price $7500. Ignore the price on my link.. i put that on the recycler cuz I know people will low ball!! Im open to negotiations. Price can be reduced, but I will have to part out with the aftermarket parts.
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