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Sorry to post an ad in this forum...but this would be the only forum it really belongs in... the topic says...i'm selling this for my friend. we both bought our turbos at the same time...and had them ceramic coated at the same time.
Specs on this GT30 are:

Dual Ball-bearing cartridge
0.82 a/r Turbine Housing (4 bolt outlet)
0.70 a/r Compressor Housing
Watercooler Center
56 Trim Compressor Wheel (T04S)
55 lbs/min Comp Flow Max.
84 Trim Turbine Wheel
External Wastegate
T3 Flange
** Ceramic Coated Turbine Housing **

i'm sure you've heard all the hype about the GT30...this is one sick puppy ;)

Reason my friend is selling is that he decided he couldn't afford to go turbo anymore...plain and simple...the turbo is BRAND NEW...never installed.

I believe there was a GB recently and the GT30 was selling for $1550? correct me if i'm wrong...but make this competitive...i will be letting it go for $1450 OBO...remember...i paid about $100 for the extra ceramic coating.

here are some pics of the turbo:


<B>Ceramic Coated Turbine Housing</B>

<B>Standard T3/T4 vs GT30</B>
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