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FS: oem honda civic Parts

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Oem Clover green Pearl Wing- $180 shipped Comes with wiring harness and hardware

Oem Civic moon Roof Visor $45 shipped* hardware included*

oem Intake system with filter and resonator box $ 20 + shipping

oem honda civic Springs- $ 10+ shipping

Ground Controls box- $15 shipped

I also have

4 ex steelies $100 + shipping *locally prefered*

will seperate steelies :)

[email protected]
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TTT please!
All prices are negociable.

Im really down on my luck

I got 2 speeding tickets within a 2 day peroid

So please.. Buy my stuff :)

Prices are negotiable, huh?? What about $2.28 for that Ground Control box.. sounds like a collectors item to me.. ;) :p
What engine/year is the oem intake from? I need to pick up a stock one for my 96 EX - 92-95 won't fit, 99-00 won't fit either.
What is the Ground Controls box? ==> Not the cardboard box they came in :confused:

Is that wing the same color as my green LX in the sig? ....You have an Ex so it may be different??
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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