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I have here is a 96 dodge neon with mod's and a stage 2 turbo kit from hahn's

here are the mod's (price at bottom taking best offer now)

battle Z front bumper started to mold on.
buddy club rear bumper start to mold on.
bw side skirt's started to mold on.
altezza tail lights
ebay r1 alum spoiler
m3 mirror's

factory replacement strut's
eibach sportline
16" tsw fly wheels
front strut brace

custom molded a pillar for 2 gauge's
cluster surround will hold 2 guage's
pansonic head unit has lcd display show car driving bird's
boss dvd/mp3 player mounted in below arm rest in middle of seat's
legacy lcd mounted in between visor's
audiobahn 6.5 in the door's
cerwin Vega's 6x9's in the rear
2 audiobahn aw1200Q's in the trunk
one cheap lanzar amp for 6.5's
one earthquake amp for 6x9's
one 1600 watt 2ohm stable crunch amp wired 2ohm

engine and exhaust
stock motor with only 87,xxx mile's on it runs strong
hedman header
custom CAI
fart can

lcd is now mounted between visor's and the amp's have been relocated and placed no more messy wire's everywere.

if i sale it i would like to see 3600 for everything.
if i trade must see pic's first then we can talk the cash

Thanks james
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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