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Just as the title says i have a partial turbo kit that i was throwing together and i have way to many bills to pay so its gotta go.

Heres what i have.

- HF manifold with adapter plate
- DSM 14b turbo with o2 housing and internal wastegate
- DSM 1g BOV
- DSM side mount intercooler
- A chunk of braided stainless return line w/ fitting for the oil pan
- 2.5" stainless braided exhaust flex pipe
- 2.5" exhaust cut out. (not electric)
- Dual pod Gauge Bezel for 96-98 civics

Shoot me some offers. I need this stuff gone.

WILL NOT PART OUT!!! Everything is sold as one with the exception of the gauge pod if you dont need it.

PICK UP ONLY!!! unless you really want to pay the 100 bucks or so that it would probably cost to ship everything.

I will try to get some pics sometime soon.
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