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Get my 01 Phoenix Yellow Type R and be the next in line to feel the raw power of a rare breed. Still a honda that will keep it's value all for $21k... If your interested let me know. All stock, 41k miles on a 2001 Phoenix Yellow Type R, all highway and freeway mileage from home to work and to school. No accidents to the car, clutch has been replaced by Crown Acura as of last week due to factory defect so that is a brand new clutch with less than 250 miles to it. The car is cleaned once a week and waxed every other week. Oil change is done personally at every 1500 to 2500 miles and I have the list of dates and mileage on when the car was oil changed. all check up done by Crown Acura of St. Pete/Clearwater. The car has only seen the track twice and both times the car ran sub 14 sec runs with the best of 14.3 and never been street raced. Again all stock and has NEVER been modded with any after market parts. Comes with Falken Azenis tires with 40% tread left. I will be replacing it pretty soon with a new set of Azenis... Car will come with a full case of Castrol GTX 05-30 oil good for about three oil changes and three Fram oil filters. The car does come with an OEM Type R trunk mat and OEM front bra. I have to be honest the car does have very small rock dings but none that are noticable unless you are about two feet from it.

If interested email me, Simon at [email protected].

Again Phoenix Yellow Type R #01-0029, all stock, 41k miles all for $21,000.
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