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FS: RAcing Hart CP10 17"

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practically brand new .....rolled on them for 2 days!! tires have 100% tread on them (yokohama a520) 205/40/17....they are silver rims...weight about 15lbs each...asking $1150, buyer pays shipping im located in houston tx...i will attach a close up of one rim...all the others are in the EXACT same condition..i still have boxes and stickers...since i had them on for only 2 days..i also have pics of what they looked like on my car for the 2 me for those ([email protected])
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if you got them powdercoated bronze lowered the price $50 and told me the real weight of 17's pounds i might consider it....
you my gay sir are a freakin moron....the rims are already dirt cheap...why in the hell would i go powdercoat them and drop the already losing $200 on the set...people like u really aggravate me....u need to get a life....this is lowballing at its worste...please man get some class
lol im joking.. and you know this MAAAAANNNNN, i don't like silver blah!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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