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I have about 550-600 cards all together in 2 full books plus some in a plastic baggy. I have baseball,football,basketball. The cards of some of the people I have include John Smoltz, Ken Griffey Jr, Dave Justice,Ryne Sandberg,Nolan Ryan,Cal Ripken Jr.,Cecil Fielder,Jason Kidd,Reggie Miller,Thurman Thomas,Rod Woodson,David Robinson,Dan Marino, Darryl Johnston,Bruce Smith,Micheal Jordan,Robert Parish,George Brett,Roger Clemens (w/ Red Sox),Wade Boggs (w/ red Sox),Nolan Ryan (w/ Angels),Don Mattingly, Kirby Puckett,Cal Ripken Sr., Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire,Andre Dawson,Mike Singletary,Ronnie Lott,
Jonnie Unitas,Tom Landry,John elway,Kevin McHale,Micheal Irvin,Deion Sanders,Dominique Wilkins, Emmit Smith, Joey Galloway.and MANY MANY more

I will do $150 plus shipping for all the cards
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