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Brand new in the box! I opened it once just to see what they look like. I am selling because I travel frequently and don't have time to really drive my car so I didn't feel like I really needed these. Please email me at [email protected] and give me your best offer, thanks!

if you want pics i can take a few and email them. Shipping will be about 25 bucks, so factor that into your offer.
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$100 shipped
i hope that's per shock...or else someone's getting jacked....
i dont think u are going to get any reasonable offers, ppl usually liek to buy used stuff cuz they are way cheaper
im interested in the price, i live in houston
Will these Illuminas work on a 2000 Accord SE 4 cyl?

If so, I'll offer $200

btw, please pm me.
im guessing he sold it since this thread is 10 months old
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