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I am really starting to dislike the showy look of my car so I have decided to go back to the stock look with a few upgrades. These are the parts that I am willing to sell. They are all painted Heather Mistic. I am not in a hurry to sell these but it would be nice to sell them quick :D .

94-97 Front Urethane Octane/R34 Bumper $320 shipped (the paint is gone on the bottom and cracking on the front, these go for 270 shipped on ebay, but mine is painted Heather Mistic so you just have to pay a lil to get it fixed) or trade for 96-97 Accord stock bumper with Greddy Lip...

96-97 Rear bumper with a Mugen copy rear lip molded on $250 shipped ( the condition is perfect except a few knicks on the bumper can barely be seen) or trade for newly painted rear bumper of same years plus some cash...

94-97 M3 side skirts for $150(These are also in perfect condition except the bottom of them a scratched and there is a .5" crack in the right front) or trade for wings west side skirts that are painted.
Also selling the Z3 fenders, shaved moldings, and sidemarkers for $175 (in perfect condition)

18" Racing Hart C2's (no center caps) with Nankang 215/35/18 tires for $900 These are in great condition but as usual they have some curbage on the rims on the left side of the car...

2 front custom seats in black and orange inserts from 92 accord but will fit 90-97 for $350 (absolutely perfect condition) or trade for quality racing seats with brackets and harnessess....

The whole automatic swap with almost everything needed to do it from transmission, to the shifter, ecu, axles and everything for $500
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