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Can be contacted via e-mail at: [email protected]

Here's the stuff for sale.

ACT Clutch Kit: $150 OBO
- H22, H23, F22
- Xtreme Pressure plate w/ street disk
- ~10k miles, dusty but still in very good condition.

ClutchMasters Flywheel: $150 OBO
-H22, H23, F22
- Slightly damaged due to one of the clutch nuts backing out. Doesn't affect anything structurally, it's just not as pretty.

Volk Daytonas 17x6.5": $900 obo
- 5x114.3 bolt pattern, fits Preludes fine
- +43 offset
- Two wheels are bare and two have a set of S03's on them

Kicker Impulse 356xi amp: $30 obo

RMS Power (Watts/Channel) @ 12.5 Volts
4 ohm stereo, 6 channels driven = 35
2 ohm stereo, 6 channels driven = 50
4 ohm bridged mono, 3 channels driven = 100

2.5 X 9.5 X 19

Issues: This amp doesn't work for some reason. I believe one of it's internal resistors has shorted but am not sure. Kicker wanted $50 to test it, so if you think you can fix it it's yours for $30.

I think that's it...

Everything is available for pick up in Mountain View, CA
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