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Sup everyone? I'm selling a set of brand new, never before used/installed, Weapon-R coilovers. Each coilover is in its own box and they have never been opened. All four coilover boxes are in one box so they won't be shipped seperately. Obviously these coilovers are adjustable and come with the tools to adjust the height on them. The coilovers fit 1988+Civic/CRX and 1990+ Acura Integras. These were brought brand new for $285 and I'm looking to sell them for $200 plus shipping which shouldn't be too much. Post a response if you are interested. The reason I'm selling is I no longer have my CRX Si. That was easier to sell then I thought. Anyways I got a truck now so its easier for work but if your interested in the coilovers post a response and we can get in touch further. The shipping would be from Maryland. Later everyone.
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