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FS: Traxxas Tmaxx 2.5 Nitro RC

I have a Traxxas Tmaxx 2.5 Nitro truck for sale. Have had for 2 years and I am not into it anymore. This truck is very fast.. 45 Mph +. The truck comes with tons of extras. Aluminum suspension upgrades, dual exhaust, 2 sets of wheels, extra cooling head, stock suspension, 2 bodies, remote, ez start, shock socks, and 3/4 of a gallon of 20% nitro fuel. Please look at pictures for all extras in case I forgot something. I have over $1000 put into this. Would like $600 or best offer. There are 2 minor problems with it. It needs a new connector on the ground wire and a front bulkhead that was broke at the last race. Needs tuneup also because it hasnt been ran since last august.Here are the pictures.

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