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ok well I REALLY want to trade my car for a hatch. no real conditions for what year ect. I mjust looking for a CLEAN body, thats it.

I/h/e AEM cam gear ES motor mounts,b&m fule pressre regulator+guage,NGK 8mm wires_NGC copper plugs
has 16" rota c8's
eibach spring+tockicko shocks+omni LCA's
b&m short shifer+ES bushings+leather boot,some pedals
projector black headlights + CTR style grill,boston accustic speakers pineer head unit. car will come with complete sub+amp wiring.

PS+AC hae been removed but all parts are in my garage and will come with the car, or if you prefer will be installed on the car for you for free.

I also have a ACT 12lb flywheel that will come with the car.

car is in good shape with a few scratches here and there. plate has been relocated and pics are coming in a few moments.

all ofers will be looked at car has 107k and has been serviced religiusly by me,mobyl synthetic and k&n filter every 3k and tranny fluid changed every 10k.probably a few other mods I havent listed but whatever.

here is the KBB on the car its in the good condition has some minor body stuff wrong w/ it.;;NH013;&03235&;474482&;;ucp;&7;HO;CL
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